Change the way you do your business I.T.


Join many other progressive businesses, non-profits, and organizations who are benefitting from the Zypha I.T. revolution. Zypha eliminates forever the need for local servers and migrates all your data to our state-of-the-art international standard data center. Your employees then simply access their fully functioning computer desktops including all their programs, apps, folders, and files on any internet or 4G/5G connected devices, whether they are located in your office, or anywhere in the world.

Zypha takes care of virtually everything to do with your business I.T. allowing you and your staff to focus your valuable time on getting business done.

SAVE money!
FIXED Monthly Cost per Employee for Easy Budgeting
Microsoft Office, Exchange & Outlook Licenses Included
Never Buy Another Server Ever Again
Permanently Reduced Hardware costs, One-Stop Solution
State-of-the-Art Security
Advanced Data Security & Protection
Substantial Reduction in Risk of Ransomware
Substantial Reduction in Risk of Malware & Viruses
Visibility & Control of Confidential Data
Elimination of Sensitive Data Residing on Personal Devices
High Availability and Reduced Downtime
Intra-day and Georedundant Overnight Backups
Worry-free Automatic Disaster Recovery
Ability to Work Through Natural Disasters
Substantial Improvement in Redundancy
Work Flexibly & Securely, Anywhere
Automatic Software & App Updates
Consistency in Operating System & Software Version
Control over Employee Access to Data
Easy Employee Onboarding/Termination
Includes Full, Unlimited Relationship Based Support

Zypha eliminates costly and cumbersome legacy IT infrastructure and staff with a utility-grade feed of all the best-in-breed, full-stack business tech features you already know and love. We don't replace your existing functionality; we simply delocalize it.

We eliminate the need for servers in all of our clients; you never have to invest in servers ever again. We migrate all of your apps, programs, folders, files and data to our highly secure and highly redundant international standard data center. We improve productivity, and while we focus on IT, our clients focus on their business. Just like the electric utility – where you plug in and don’t even think about where the power is coming from or how it gets there, we allow you to plug into your IT provision in a similar manner, keeping you working, yet on the end of a line if you need us – and we react quickly.


The IT field is most easily and effectively automated. People want IT service like they'd get from a phone jack or electric outlet; one that just works and doesn't involve talking to people.

Despite this, most organizations still maintain their own on-site IT infrastructure and staff, one that is depreciating rapidly in real work value per dollar invested, the minute it's purchased or hired. Clearly there's a demand for massive corporate cultural revolution and Zypha is leading the way for small and medium sized organizations to benefit from and to be a part of this movement.

Join many businesses, non-profits, and other organizations which are trusted long-term partner-clients of Zypha. 


Zypha uses the very latest technology to provide a simplified I.T. experience for businesses, non-profits, or organizations employing between 5 and 250 employees, allowing you to focus on your business, while we focus on your I.T.

At Zypha, we're leading the charge in this radical delocalization of the provision of IT services. We've developed a modular, interoperable solution to every aspect of corporate IT build-up and build-out, and are now experts at overseeing office transitions away from your local server, and where instead, you 'plug in' to all of your programs, data and desktops which are now accessible from anywhere on any device, with high availability, security, and reliability.


Zypha jigsaw image.PNG

Zypha reduces your and takes care of any issues in order to keep you working. We have so many more backup systems than you have in place in your own office infrastructure.

We integrate state-of-the-art, advanced security and backup systems way in excess of any employed by our clients historically.


With Zypha, even if your office is closed before, during, and/or after a disaster, you and each of your employees can simply work from anywhere avoiding any downtime.


We include the full desktop versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook, including full backup and protection. Zypha makes sure all employees are working on the same operating system and software versions to improve speed and security.

Zypha support is included in your fixed monthly fee per employee. You do not have to deal with a multitude of service providers and their individual support teams. Call or email Zypha for rapid support and deal with a named person on a relationship basis every time.


Your valuable and sensitive data resides at all times on Zypha's advanced systems and not on local devices. Employee access can be terminated in seconds in the event they are no longer employed by the company.

We forever eliminate the need for you to invest in servers. Employees can use their own devices without any security compromise, also offering you the potential to reduce investment in hardware.


Zypha has been recognized as one of North America's Top 20 Bring Your Own Device Solutions Providers by CIO Review. Your employees can work on any internet or 4G/5G connected devices from anywhere in the world.



"I can access my server from anywhere, on any device. I get privacy, security, and efficiency all for less than what it would cost on an ongoing basis to acquire and manage my own server. It’s a no-brainer.

- Kenneth H.

Law Firm

"With the cost of servers going up and the never ending upgrades to software, Zypha offers an alternative option using only an internet connection. You will no longer have to worry about a desktop computer, laptop or server crashing and losing all your data."

- L P.

Realtor Association

"In using the virtual desktop you provide I have found that the combination of unparalleled speed, use of cloud technology to save my documents, and no need to replace my security software has allowed me to function in a more efficient manner!"

- Wayne B.

Insurance Agent

"I was out of work for a month working from home during my husband’s recovery after his accident. I was so impressed with Zypha…. It was AWESOME! Much better than the way we used to work remotely.."

- Stacy A.

Contracting Coordinator

"You went above and beyond your assigned tasks here to insure that everyone was happy. Thank you - for your superb customer service..."

- Leah C.

Non Profit

"Logged in with no problems at all. Thank you so much for your assistance. We truly appreciate everything you do for our organization."

- Linda K.

Non Profit

"YAHOOOOOOOOOOO you guys all ROCK! Thanks so very much!!!"

- Anna B.

State Agency