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In our service provision, you work simultaneously on 2 load balanced servers, so in the event that a server fails at any time, you can continue to work on the other one, without even realizing that a server has gone down. In addition, your data is protected at a level similar to Department of Defense, with many layers of security, and 2,048 bit encryption which is typically 4 times that employed by many banks. Our data center is fully compliant with the regulatory standards imposed by organizations such as HIPAA and FINRA. For additional data protection, we automatically back up all of your data twice during the working day and then again overnight to our geo-redundant facilities in Phoenix and London, UK. If you accidentally delete a previously saved file, we can implement a restore from any of these back-ups, quickly and efficiently. This is in contrast to Office 365, where once you have deleted a file, the synchronization between the public server and the local device means it is almost certainly lost for good.


Many small and medium sized organizations continue to suffer from malware, viruses, and ransomware. Our system makes you substantially more protected; we prevent executable files from loading any malicious code in the first place and we have never had a single incident of any of these, making it a worry free experience for our clients. For further reassurance, even if we did, our robust back up service means that we can quickly revert to an earlier time prior to the incident so that you and all of your staff suffer little, if any, inconvenience or loss of productivity. In contrast, a quick search on the web will reveal the disruption suffered by many highly reputable public and private enterprises, which lost days of productivity and where restoration was only achieved at a significant unbudgeted cost. With Zypha, there is minimum disruption and any relative cost is already included as part of your fixed monthly service fee.

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As an added security benefit, as all of your applications and data reside in Tampa, you know where your data is, who has access to it and you benefit from greater speed as you are accessing and moving data without it ever leaving the data center. With disparate third party applications such as 365, your data is frequently moving from one server to another, all located in different geographical locations, compromising speed and making your sensitive data more accessible and potentially visible to a malicious hacker.


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