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Zypha offers a complete virtual computing environment.

Engineering the ultimate computing platform, Zypha moves all customer applications and data to our secure, company-owned private cloud in the Zypha Data Center in Tampa.

Customers simply use the Internet to access all of their programs, databases, and company files from any device, anywhere in the world! Gone are the dangers and high-cost of having expensive servers in-house.

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Zypha USA Headquarters in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Zypha Facts:

  • Founded in 2008

  • Group Headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • North American office in Port Charlotte, Florida

  • Zypha group companies include: 
    Zygo International (UK) 
    Zypha Limited (UK)
    Zypha Corporation (US)



779 Tamiami Trail
Suite 9
Port Charlotte, FL 33953



T: 941-629-9742
or: 844-699-9742



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