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Our Story

Founded in 2008, originally as a fuel technology company, Zypha Corporation's US Headquarters are situated in Port Charlotte, Florida.

In 2014, we decided to develop virtual desktop computer solutions after countless frustrations and many long hours spent having to deal with issues related to our on-premise computer server. As a small business back then, if we called in external IT support, we often had to wait a couple of days or more and lost hours of productivity waiting for a tech to arrive. On top of that, support didn't come cheap and the cost soon adds up when you pay by the hour. Funny how these issues always seemed to happen at the wrong time and there was no way to predict this disruption, sudden cost hit to our budget and impact on our cash flow. To compound it all, we also had to keep spending money on server replacement and for many hours of support to migrate our data from the old server to our new one.

The server was just the start of it. We invested countless hours in finding compatible security solutions, patching our software applications, sourcing an effective backup solution and keeping them all updated. Each of these essential  'add-ons' represented additional costs from multiple different providers, alongside any compatibility challenges.  Our admin staff had multiple bills and renewals to deal with for each of these, taking up more precious time.

There had to be a better way!

We decided we wanted to make things much easier for ourselves and any other small and medium sized organizations which  identified with exactly these very same issues and frustrations. So, we developed and perfected our desktop virtualization platform hosted in our highly redundant private cloud to deal with all of the above issues. Our solution improves reliability, productivity and security for all our clients, allows them to work flexibly and is available on a very cost effective basis. Full support is included and not charged for by the hour, so it is so easy to budget and we have eradicated cash flow surprises. 4 hours unplanned downtime in the last 8 years speaks for itself and our services were completely unaffected through 2 major hurricanes. 

Today, our service is enjoyed by federal/state agencies, non-profits and private businesses, operating in a variety of business sectors and across multiple states. We invest in long term partnerships with each of our clients, serving all of their I.T. needs. This allows them to focus on their own business instead of being sidetracked by IT.

We continue to grow our client base and pride ourselves on our service levels, making business easier for our client partners, while delivering a much better ROI for them. Get in touch and see if we can help you escape your IT problems!
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